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Wayne Dayton -- International Media Consultant

Wayne Dayton's Rising News Stars

Wayne Dayton -- MediaMan International
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Wayne Dayton's Rising News Stars

Wayne Dayton's Rising Stars of the Future:

Gabrielle Komorowski -- WPTZ-TV, Plattsburgh NY
Lilian Davila -- Freelancer, Mexico City
Trisha Skidmore -- WMBD-TV, Peoria IL
Kim McCrae -- WPMI-TV, Mobile AL

Meet this Dayton Star...Gabrielle Komorowski of Hearst Argyle's WPTZ-5 in Plattsburgh,NY:

You'll be hearing a lot more in the future from the names listed above!  They command the camera, they impart sincerity and trust, and their diction and verbal skills make them great communicators. 
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Dayton Star?  Drop me a line, and I, or a member of my team of RTNDA award winning anchors, reporters, and news directors will analyze your tape for a modest fee.
More interesting news stars stories to be posted on a regular basis

The unexamined format is not worth presenting -- Wayne Dayton

Wayne Dayton -- MediaMan Seeking Potential News Stars...I will review, analyze, and critique your demo tape for only $250!