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Wayne Dayton -- International Media Consultant

Wayne Dayton -- MediaMan International

Wayne Dayton -- MediaMan International
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Wayne Dayton's Rising News Stars

Growing up in New Liskeard,Ontario I listened to the legendary stations of the era, from KDKA to WPTR, WABC to WKBW.  Radio connected me to the world...and that is the ultimate goal for success in today's radio environment -- connecting to your listener.
Traversing news rooms in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong...40 years of experience is drawn upon to let you know what your audience expects of your station. 
Formats that connect with viewers and listeners.  Anchors and journalists that bond naturally.  Promotional ideas that brand YOUR station as your market's first choice.

Socrates once wrote -- "The unexamined life is not worth living".
Wayne Dayton agrees -- "The unexamined format is not worth presenting"
Stations across the nation are finding ExAct News to blend the best of news-clocks with news-talk...ExAct News, ExAct Sports, ExAct Traffic...ExActly When YOU Need It!
National radio concepts, such as "My Animal Pal", forges the community link, as a team of animal care specialists answer your listener's direct questions, while helping find lost puppies and kittens.  When little Fluffy comes home, that family will think of (your calls here) for life!
Massage Girl -- A Reality Series to beat all reality series.  Over 13 weeks, a bevy of beautiful (some more beautiful than others!) young ladies vie for the coveted last spot on the roster of a noted metropolitan area massage center...celebrities rank their massage skills, personalities, and beauty...and, voila! A new massage queen is crowned!

Many noted media colleagues have made an impression on me through the years:  ---
Charles Templeton...Ted Stuebing...Bert Cannings...Mike Donegan...Al Primo...Carole Kneeland...Frank Magid...Lew Dickey,Sr. ; We learn from our experiences, we form our own theories and conclusions.  Thank you for your inspiration!

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
News Themes for the 21st Century

What a job!

Atop the mountain, after a gruelling run...but we made it -- together!! The same momentum, the same drive and determination, will bring us to the top of your DMA.  The drive to succeed, innovative ideas, team challenges...the Wayne Dayton way!

Favorites of the Years / Radio & TV
Larry Henderson
Andrew Marquis
Tom Gibney
Kelly Lange
Amanda Ober
Alex Jones
Jim Perry
Mark Allen

Favourite Places to Take a Star Anchor-to-Be:
Moishe's in Montreal
Smith & Wollensky's in New York
Trattoria Caffe Italia in Ottawa
Bigliardi's in Toronto
Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver
L.A. Prime at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles

Tips from MediaMan:
I)- Effective communication means visualizing the effect your words will have on your audience.  As you read the TelePrompTer, create a mental image of an animal that relates to the story.  For instance, to portray empathy when reading an item on a local tragedy, think of a beached whale in distress ; to add enthusiasm to your facial features when reading a "feel good" story, picture a trio of playful kittens on the floor.
II)- Confidence, or lack thereof, can be felt by the viewer.  Minutes before going on-air, retreat to a private area, look yourself straight in the eyes in the mirror before you, and repeat, loudly and exuberantly, fist shaking in the air -- "I am the BEST!  My station is the BEST!  I am a LEADER!  I will win the RATINGS WAR!"  Spend 30 seconds afterwards to modulate your breathing back to standard reading levels, take a small sip of invigorating apple nectar for the throat, and, Voila!  You are ready to take the world on towards your audience.

Wayne Dayton -- MediaMan Seeking Potential News Stars...I will review, analyze, and critique your demo tape for only $250!